Credit where credit is due, so a lot of thanks to the people who made the software behind this site. I’d hate to think people thought I wrote half of this.


Hakyll is a haskell static site generator. I have only been using it a couple of weeks and it has already caught some bugs in the site…and I couldn’t bring myself to use something based on Ruby.

Basic HTML, styles and design for this site come from jgthms, which is a super sexy design.

Google Fonts

Heading typeface is Monserrat and body face is Lora; both SIL.


The supremely awesome icon font used was cut using Fontello a web-based icon font generator and uses Entypo, pictograms by Daniel Bruce.


A nice little font that may appear from time to time in the blog, Kwerk, license unknown, hope it is ok to use.

Vector Magic

For vectorising my face VectorMagic.


without whom computing would be less fun.