Why? This blog is to help me get better at writing, hopefully share some ideas, be a place to log solutions to problems so I don’t forget and somewhere I can put the occasional presentations I give.

Views, opinions and content on this site are my own (unless otherwise stated); I strongly doubt anyone else would want to come up with this arbitrary collection of words or indeed endorse them.

Right now I’m a principle engineer at Juniper Networks where I write in all manner of languages, designing and implementing network and security products. Previously I was in the employ of Atlassian where I led the performance engineering team, and before that I was the software architect of Stingray Traffic Manager, an incredibly high-performance, software, network load-balancing proxy, on crazy programable steroids.

I write in functional languages were I can. Day job is C++, Scala and R, hobbies Haskell, pain JS and an ongoing shame of having to deal with perl.

Content is covered by CC BY-NC-SA 3.0, so feel free to use & distribute any content here so long as I get a mention, you license any work similarly and non-commercially. If this is a problem contact me and we can work something out.