What's this all about then?
Posted on June 9, 2013

So why on earth is this here on the internet? Ego, hubris, self-promotion…not really. As the name of the site suggests I generally reserve the right to be totally wrong, so the content of this site may or may not be correct…so the expectation of being wrong a lot of the time really doesn’t tally with ego-boosting.

This is really an exercise in getting better at writing, sharing some ideas, and ultimately being somewhere I can log solutions to problems I solve. Too many times I end up solving something, forgetting, and wasting my time in the future.

It is also to get a monkey off my back. Having promised myself I’d sort out a site in 2005 the weight of disappointment was starting to get to me. One saving grace is, had I done something in 2005 it would have been in Perl, now it is Haskell, so at least I don’t have that blot on my record.

Oh and if the site doesn’t work in your browser/OS/computing device, tough luck. Life is far too short to make things work in all browsers, especially for side projects.